DEGO and Apron Network have Reached a Strategic Partnership

We are pleased to announce that we have made strategic cooperation with DEGO, a decentralized financial ecosystem through diverse combination of NFT+DeFi.

DEGO is the fast-growing cross-chain NFT+DeFi protocol and infrastructure that aims to provide one-stop NFT system. Apron Network will support DEGO with decentralized infrastructure service support through this cooperation, providing DEGO with node service, data indexing services, and other infrastructure services including price feed and random number in the future, to help DEGO Finance develop rapidly. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation and allow users on DEGO to access a secure platform, growing in an easy, secure and cost-effective manner.

About DEGO Finance

DEGO is an NFT + DeFi Fusion Reactor, aiming to build a one-stop NFT system, upholding NFT Protocol, trading, cross-chain function, DeFi apps, games and etc. Dego is constructing a Polkadot Parachain through Substrate, combining application and underlying protocols.

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About Apron Network

Apron is a decentralized platform for DApp developers, DApp users, and infrastructure operators with a decentralized network based on blockchain technology infrastructure services. It is developed by Substrate and can be operated as a parachain of Polkadot/Kusama. Apron will also connect to multiple public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Filecoin, and Helium, including Layer 2. Provide developers with low-cost multiple blockchain ecological infrastructure services.

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An infrastructure platform for DAPP development, DAPP users, and basic operation services.