Apron Network Weekly Report Aug 23-Aug 29

  • Service market service provider stake system development
  • Identify the next phase of the Apron Gateway technology proposal
  • Launch of a new version of Apron Marketplace
  • Research and compare technical routes, optimize software architecture
  • Research test tool library usability
  • Apron Network partners with KaikenInu to provide infrastructure integrations.
  • Apron Keeps up with Industry Trends to Support the Development of GameFi and NFT Ecosystem.
  • TroyTrade community host an AMA with Apron Network on August 26th.

Apron Network is a decentralized infrastructure service platform built by employing Polkadot technology in the blockchain world. Apron has adopted the idea of being a decentralized platform which belongs to a middle service that provides a connection between the blockchain and the application software. It aims to make transactions for infrastructure software services simple, efficient, and reliable by connecting service providers and users in the decentralized service market. Apron has obtained fund-raising from NGC, Monday Capital, DFG, CMS and other institutions and Web3 Foundation Grant.

Apron Network will connect to multiple public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Filecoin, Helium, including Layer 2, providing developers with low-cost various blockchain ecological infrastructure services in the forthcoming future.

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An infrastructure platform for DAPP development, DAPP users, and basic operation services.

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Apron Network

Apron Network

An infrastructure platform for DAPP development, DAPP users, and basic operation services.

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