Apron Network Weekly Report Apr.19th- Apr. 25th

🛠 Techinical Prograss

  • P2P transmission network design completed the first version.
  • Solved the problem of insufficient disk space of the BSC node. The hardware upgrade has been completed and the service of the BSC node has been restored.
  • Rancher has been upgraded to 2.0 and is currently troubleshooting network issues.
  • Resolved the Apron Dashboard flow limitation issue.
  • Migrate the BSC nodes.
  • Increased activity reward contract.

🔔 New Partnership

On April 26th, Apron partners partners with Cere Network to improve decentralized customer data integrations.

🚀 Global Event

  • Apron Network ERC20 token $APN lists on Huobi Global on April 21st. APN ATH has surprassed $2.6 on the day.

AMA series:

  • On April 19th, Crypto Daku hosted an AMA with Apron Network.
  • On April 20th, Spectre Group hosted AMA with Apron Network.

Article Review:

🏃🏻‍♀️ Community Building

About Apron Network

Apron Network is a decentralized infrastructure service provider based on the Polkadot ecosystem. Apron connects infrastructure service providers to DApp developers with a decentralized service market and provides services for DApp and DeFi developers to help their efficient development and rapid generation of API service interfaces. It uses decentralized billing and payment systems to bring decentralized and anonymous payments to users. Apron Network is implemented based on the substrate framework and can become a para-chain of Kusama.

Apron Network will connect to multiple public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Filecoin, Helium, including Layer 2, providing developers with low-cost various blockchain ecological infrastructure services in the forthcoming future.

🛎 Know more about Apron Network here:

Telegram | Twitter | Medium | ANN Channel|Whitepaper| Website| GitHub




An infrastructure platform for DAPP development, DAPP users, and basic operation services.

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Apron Network

Apron Network

An infrastructure platform for DAPP development, DAPP users, and basic operation services.

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