Apron Network Weekly Report

Project Progress

1.Apron Network closed seed round fundraising.
2.Well received Web3.0 Foundation Open Grants.
3.With the Rococo team said, Apron Network shall register as the one of 19 proposals of parachain, and shall be the 6th batch of projects running on Rococo-V1 Parachains Testnet.
4.Upgraded to the website: https://www.apron.network
5.Our team is making every effort to prepare the upcoming Kusama slot auction, an announcement for the rules of auction rewards will be coming in a few days.

Fundraising Progress

Seed round investment successfully raised by NGC Ventures, PAKA, Vega Ventures, DFG, Digital Renaissance, Candaq.

Technical Progress

  1. Apron Node v0.0.1 completed its development.
  2. Apron Node v0.0.2 is under development.
  3. Connecting to the Rococo v1 parachain.
  4. Providing node service for the Heco that utilize the Apron Network prototype.
  5. Providing blockchain browser for the Heco that utilize the Apron Network prototype.

Press Release

  1. Apron Network: Integrating blockchain infrastructure services in a complete decentralized ecosystem- Cryptonews.com

Community Construction

Strategy Partnership

On Jan 15th, 2021, Apron Network reach a consensus on cooperation with with Rebase and OneBlock+.

Meet Up

On Jan 19th, 2021, Apron Network joined in an off-line sharing event hosted by Polkadot.club and co-hosted by Candaq, Polkabase, Terri Non Capital, and shared the project with the people in there.

About Apron Network:
Apron Network is committed to build a decentralized infrastructure service network for DApp developers, DApp users and infrastructure operators based on a decentralized network of blockchain technology.
We’ll provide Kusama/Polkadot ecosystem with multiple services, including but not limited to node service, on-chain data indexing service, price feed service and the like.
We are looking forwards to working together with DApp & Defi projects, if there are node operators or other infrastructure service providers, we can’t wait to have you onboard!

More details find us in here:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/apronofficial1

Chat with us:
Telegram- https://t.me/ApronNetwork
Discord: https://discord.gg/Bu6HzJP2YY

An infrastructure platform for DAPP development, DAPP users, and basic operation services.

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