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4 min readAug 10, 2021

As of Q2 2021, we have more than 400 projects built on the Polkadot ecosystem, this was to occur with progress in the development of the Polkadot. With the approaching of parachain functionality, the needs of the node service are more pressing. Apron Network as one of the primary infrastructure service providers, it has long been devoted more resources to Polkadot. Today, Apron Network is proud to announce that we will officially provide node services to Polkadot Ecology for its further breakthroughs.

>>>Polkadot Mainnet Service, please visit:

Our team is keeping a strong emphasis on integrating different infrastructures into each ecosystem. Apron Network provides the first decentralized infrastructure platform with multi-chains, the decentralization and the stateless API load balancing of Apron SDK can ensure that the users of Apron Network will not break down due to one single point of failure or overload. Developers from Polkadot utilize Apron’s node which can automatically load balance through the Apron SDK, or manually switch services at any time. That’s why Apron is honored to announce that it will be Polkadot’s node provider, securely and flexibly infrastructure assets and completely eliminating developer’s dependence on a particular service provider. It’s even thought that in the future more and more infrastructure provider will deliver their services to Apron.

Those users who are interested in testing the system are encouraged to visit our product which contains all of the features and functionality, we welcome to see all of the suggestions, feedback, issues reporting.

Technical issues reporting, please fill out this bug report:

Additionally, we are launching few rewards for this testing, here are more details about the bug bounty program that you must take note of:

Deadline: August 30
Our team will randomly select 5 users from all the users who participate in this program. After the event ended, the APN reward will be issued uniformly.

Requirement: Must be Apron Node or Apron Dashboard for Polkadot, bugs from BSC, Polygon, Mina, Kusama and Heco Chain except.

Severity of Rewards:

  • Epic: If a bug is considered to be valuable after evaluation by the development team, it will be classified as Epic and awarded 500 APN. (2 in total)
  • Crash: A bug that causes a breakdown of the Apron system and affects the use of functionality. The ability to reproduce a bug that is below the epic level was evaluated by the development team and classified as crash level and was awarded a bonus of 400APN. (5 in total)
  • Critical: Affecting normal use, high frequency operation and high recurrence rate. After comprehensive evaluation by the development team, it is classified as a serious bug and awarded 300APN. (10 in total)
  • General: Affecting normal use, medium frequency operation and high recurrence rate. After comprehensive evaluation by the development team, it is classified as a general bug and awarded 200APN. (10 in total)
  • Minor: Low-frequency operations that did not affect the normal use of the Apron system, which can be repeated, were evaluated by the development team and identified as minor bugs and given a bonus of 100APN. (10 in total)
  • Note: It is not a system bug, and the newly added optimization function points are determined as valuable optimization after comprehensive evaluation by the technical team, and 30APN will be awarded (10 in total)

We take your feedback very seriously, and this Polkadot node service is for you to not only see the progress we have made so far, but also to give you a chance to fully drive the system and give your feedback so we can deliver the best possible platform and solution based on your insights and experience.

About Apron Network:

Apron Network is a decentralized infrastructure service platform built by employing Polkadot technology in the blockchain world. Apron has adopted the idea of being a decentralized platform which belongs to a middle service that provides a connection between the blockchain and the application software. It aims to make transactions for infrastructure software services simple, efficient, and reliable by connecting service providers and users in the decentralized service market. Apron has obtained fund-raising from NGC, Monday Capital, DFG, CMS and other institutions and Web3 Foundation Grant.

Apron Network will connect to multiple public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Filecoin, Helium, including Layer 2, providing developers with low-cost various blockchain ecological infrastructure services in the forthcoming future.

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