Apron Network Discord Referral Competition

Get involved in the Apron Network referral competition and share $2450 worth of APN allocations!

To encourage Apron community and ecosystem construction, Apron Network will offer $2450 worth of APN allocation at the price of $0.2 per APN token to the top 10 winners who have the most invites.

Competition Duration: JAN 29th- Feb 15th

🔥🔥🔥Prize Pool🔥🔥🔥

#1st: $500 worth of allocation

#2nd-5th: $300 worth of allocation for each winner

#6th-10th: $150 worth of allocation for each winner

How to join?

  • Join the Server: https://discord.gg/uCdPmmB2SV
  • Click the server name on the top left and then choose to invite people
  • Edit the invite link staus to Never expired and No limit for the max number of uses.
  • Copy the link to your friends and the bot will be automatically counted invites for you.

How to check your invites via bot?

  • Go to the #check-invites channel and send .invites message to the channel.
  • You can also check the leaderboard with .leaderboard invites

Video tutorial click here: http://bit.ly/3sR7UhQ

How to redeem your rewards?

Once the competition closed, we’ll announce here and collect the top 10 winners’ erc20 addresses according to the leaderboard. The tokens will be released before listing on exchange.

Monitoring, Reporting and Verifying Invites

Different types of invites have been laid out below to prevent malicious users for e.g. flooding the server with bots; bot-generated members or rejoining multiple times to “up the count”. If we detect that you are cheating the system, we will clear all invites that you have.

  • Fake invites: when someone rejoins the server with your invites, it will be detected as a fake link.
  • Left invites: The numbers of people who have left the server with your invite link.


  • Apron Network reserve the right to explain the terms of the event.
  • Minimum invites shall be no less than 100ppls.


Feb 19 2021 Updates:

The Apron Network referral competition has been a massive success, with over 11k members in total. Thanks for joining with us. None of this would ever happen without you.⁠ Now it’s time to fulfill our promise. After taking over and calculating each member’s invites, removing fake invites, there are 7 winners who qualified with the requirements(no fake or bot invites allowed, at least valid 100 invites), let’s congrats to the 7 winners:

Thank you for your continued support, winners please DM me with your ERC20 wallet address. Other participants please stay tuned with us, will be hosting other events in a few days.

Best of luck

Apron Network Team

About Apron:
Apron Network is committed to building a decentralized infrastructure service network for DApp developers, DApp users and infrastructure operators based on a decentralized network of blockchain technology. We’ll provide Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem with multiple services, including but not limited to node service, on-chain data indexing service, price feed service, etc.

You can find Apron Network via the following links: Twitter, Telegram, Discord, website.

Any questions please contact via Discord: @Soyikapls #9882

Welcome on board!




An infrastructure platform for DAPP development, DAPP users, and basic operation services.

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Apron Network

Apron Network

An infrastructure platform for DAPP development, DAPP users, and basic operation services.

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