Apron Launches Crowdportal -Boost service providers and earn APY 243%

Apron Network
3 min readNov 12, 2021


Since the launch of the service provider recruitment, Apron Network has recruited and launched 8 blockchain services including BSC, Polygon, Heco, Polkadot, Kusama, Cosmos, Mina and SifChain. Thanks to these service providers, Apron Network is able to examine the full range of its internal testnet and continuously iterate on functionality. Also we particularly appreciate all the community participants and service providers for their contributions and support!

How can you mutually benefit from this testing:

As part of ongoing tech development and testing, Apron Network will launch Apron Crowdportal event, enabling service provider enrollment and access process testing to verify the service market economy model and technology roadmap.

According to the rules of Apron Network service market, service providers need to stake APN in the service market to ensure service quality so as to timely compensate users in case of service problems. During the test event, community participants can assist the service provider to stake in the service market that supports the service provider to provide services to developers and get corresponding rewards from the service provider.

To encourage service providers to participate in the Crowdportal, the crowd scale required to open a reward pool is 1 million APN, that is saying when the single service reaches 1 million APN can it be regarded as successful and begin to get the reward.

Crowdportal Duration: 12 AM UTC on Nov 12th 2021- Dec 12th 2021
(30 DAYS)

Estimated APY: 243%

>>Entrance: https://www.apron.network <<

How to contribute?

  1. Register via Apron Network website https://www.apron.network and click on the “Contribute” into the contribution page of node services.

2. Click on “Connect Wallet” in the upper right corner to connect Metamask (Ethereum network), after being done with connection, you’ll be able to see the wallet address and APN balance in your wallet account.

3. The page of “Apron Crowdportal” displays all the service providers where you can contribute into, currently 5 in total.

4. Click on the “Details”, you can check every introduction of each service provider, their ceiling required by the node, contribution duration, the current amount of contribution and the expected rate of return, etc.

5. Select providers and type down the amount, click on the “Contribute” will be interacted with the wallet, once the interaction is successful, click on the “My Contributes” page to view the contribution situation, due time and reward situation.

6. There is no restriction on claiming, you are free to claim APN rewards every day.

7.All contributed APNs shall be redeemed at the end of the contribution period.



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