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Apron Network

Technical Updates

  • Communicate with the Parity team on SBP M1 Review technical issues.
  • SBP M2 KAD under development.
  • SBP M2 service discovery module front-end development completed.
  • Service market pledge module development.
  • Start Rust Gateway prototype development
  • Continue researching Substrate Technology stack
  • Service provider service registration function development
  • Add the QuickNode service
  • SBP 6-Weekly-Checkin

Ecosystem Event

  • Apron Network built the Reddit community and it supports global users to ask questions and create topics about our project:

Obinna Cosmas Ejiofor

Apron Network

Introduction of COMP (Facial mask)

About NFTmart

About TinyHero

How can you mutually benefit from this testing:

Technology progress

  • Service market service provider stake system development
  • Identify the next phase of the Apron Gateway technology proposal
  • Launch of a new version of Apron Marketplace
  • Research and compare technical routes, optimize software architecture
  • Research test tool library usability

Ecosystem Building

  • Apron Network partners with KaikenInu to provide infrastructure integrations.

Apron Network

An infrastructure platform for DAPP development, DAPP users, and basic operation services.

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