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Apron Network

🔔 Period: From 03:00 on April 16th to 16:00 on April 20th (UTC)

During the period, the top 1000 new users who register, verify, and deposit through this LINK can get $40 equivalent of APN each.


1. Register as a Huobi user
2. Complete the KYC task
3. Complete the deposit task (A net deposit volume of at least 100 USDT or 100 USDT worth of tokens)

We are extremely excited to announce this strategic partnership with Umbrella, a scalable, community owned Oracle platform that can securely bring the world’s data on chain.

By helping more global users on Umbrella Network access the data, Apron will provide a full set of RPC service to help their users easily access Umbrella Network. Also we are happy to have Umbrella Network bring their decentralized Oracle service Umbrella Network into Apron marketplace as an infrastructure service provider.

Dear Apron Citizens,

Apron is excited to announce that our APN token is available for mining program on Huobi Global Exchange, where users will be able to acquire APN token rewards in retune for staking HT, DOT, KSM. Partnering with Huobi Global will give APN additional liquidity and market coverage as we continue to grow and provide solid infrastructure service to our users and dApp developers.

🎊Huobi Global will list APN in the Huobi Inno Hub on April 21th!

  • APN deposit opens at 02:00 on April 21st (UTC)
  • APN spot trading (APN/USDT, APN/BTC, APN/ETH) opens at 07:00 on April 21st (UTC);
  • APN withdrawals opens at 02:00 on April 22nd (UTC).

To celebrate APN…

Apron Network ERC20 token $APN will list on Huobi Inno Hub on April 21th! Huobi users can stake their $DOT, $KSM, and $HT tokens to mine $APN over 20days, starting from April 14th at 08:00 AM(UTC).

$APN token is the native ulitity token of Apron, which is used in Apron Network platform as as the payment for service users, reward for node miners and network inspectors, collaterals for being a service operator, or incentivization for providing infrastructure service.

  1. Check on the Huobi official website, “Stake HT, DOT, KSM Eearn Rewards in APN” event will be on you homepage or open…

Apron Network is looking to ensure that all dApp and DeFi developers on Apron have access to a variety of services, and as a Substrate based infrastructure service platform for Polkadot ecosystem, we are happy to have Spider DAO bring their hardware-enabled DAO system into Apron Network.

We at Apron Network have followed SpiderDAO’s development journey for a long time and have been incredibly impressed with their “whale-resistant” governance solution. As SpiderDAP is now quickly becoming a marketing leading DAO aggregator which brings a dual-governance model which brings together software and hardware tools with on-chain elements.

In addition, Apron will…

Project Progress:

Apron Network is pleased to announce its partnership with Polka Foundry, a one-stop production hub for DeFi applications on Polkadot. PolkaFoundry is a platform for leveraging and scaling the Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem while expanding border dApps towards wide users with irreplaceable UX features. It provides more safety for DeFi.

This partnership will serve many functions, but primarily Apron will optimize its DeFi/dApps on the PolkaFoundry platform by providing infrastructure service and give their users access to a greater experience of API interface, better security guarantees, a multi-link ecological API choice, and the ability to use the Apron market.

Collaborating with Polka-Foundry


The Apron Network is committed to building a decentralized platform that provides infrastructure services based on blockchain technology for DApp developers, DApp users, and infrastructure operators to help their efficient development.

Apron Network is implemented based on the substrate framework and can become a parachain of Kusama. Apron Network will connect to multiple public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Filecoin, Helium, including Layer 2, providing developers with low-cost various blockchain ecological infrastructure services in the forthcoming future.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Raze Network, a Substrate-based, cross-chain privacy protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem, built as a native privacy layer that can provide anonymity for DeFi.

Technical Progress

  • Completed Integrating Moonbeam
  • Apron New version website is under developing
  • Integrating new p2p relay network
  • Integrating new authentication design
  • Completed connecting to Rococo parathread
  • Apron Network received the W3F open grants as a W3F receipts.

Strategic Cooperation

  • Apron Network will give MobiFi developers access to a greater choice of API services, better security guarantees, a multi-link ecological API interface, and the ability to use the Apron market.
  • Apron Network partners with Dora Factory, jointly both parties will actively empower developers, provide infrastructure service and powerful toolkits for communities and decentralized organizations (DAOs) for open-source projects.

Global Event

  • SnapFinguresTV interviewed with Apron Network 👇Click here…

Apron Network

An infrastructure platform for DAPP development, DAPP users, and basic operation services.

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